Running a business is more challenging that ever today, particularly for mid-sized and small companies. New customers are difficult to find, profits are under pressure and your competition seems to be one step ahead of you all the time.
One of the biggest challenges businesses can face is dealing with messy, haphazardly organized data. This can become a much more serious issue when you’re looking for important sales information, but have to look through dozens of various documents, charts, and spreadsheets. A CRM solution will centralize all your data and make it easier for you to find what you need, exactly when you need it.



Organisations with a field sales force who interact with dealers, distributors & retailers have many challenges in managing people and getting visibility of sales & business process. Some of the challenges include-

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Messy, Decentralized Data

Your staff is wasting time if they must look up information from multiple databases – and then still end up with incomplete information

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Missed opportunities for cross-sell and up-sell

If you don’t have complete information about each customer’s buying history and related product requests

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Lackluster Customer Service

It can be challenging to provide quality customer service without service-oriented tools and features

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Inaccurate Sales Forecasting

Without CRM it is difficult to consolidate data which is gathered from a variety of sources, and use that data to predict your future sales

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Lack of collaboration between sales & marketing

The alignment between different departments at your business is essential for the overall augmented performance of your organization

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Analyze sales pipeline

It is very important to visualize your Sales Funnel in order to know how you can turn leads, opportunities or contacts into profitable sales



Feature list of CRM Management Mobile App

CRM Feature 1

Efficiently add and manage customer data

CRM Feature 2

Quote and order management

CRM Feature 3

Automate task management process

CRM Feature 4

Reports and Dashboards

CRM Feature 5

Service and contact management

CRM Feature 6

Integration with other ERP and available in cloud