Order management and fulfillment is one of the core competencies of eCommerce, supply chain, and logistics companies’ success.
However, with so much focus on omnichannel selling it has become more difficult to manage and fulfill order requests coming from multiple channels.
At a time when businesses are looking for ways to wring inefficiencies out of their operations to drive increased profit margins, sales order processing sticks out as a prime candidate for automation.


Organisations with a field sales force who interact with dealers, distributors & retailers have many challenges in managing people and getting visibility of sales & business process. Some of the challenges include-

Ability to respond to changing customer order delivery expectations

How to manage and sense demand accurately

Inaccurate order promise dates

Inability to get a global view of orders and inventory

Order management complexity

Maintaining customer satisfaction


Feature list of Sales Order Mobile App

Enter, Edit and Review sales order information

Real-time order status information

Flexible Pricing and Discounting

Pertinent order, inventory and financial information

Customer and item preference profiles

Integration with other ERP and secure data in cloud