Most of the time employees take leave to recover from sickness, manage their personal or health-related needs or take a break from work. When an employee falls into a pattern of taking leave on a regular basis, however, it could potentially impact their standing at their workplace.

Employees who take more leaves of absence than permitted have a far larger impact on a company’s operations than they likely suspect. Monitoring of manpower is crucial, and like any organization organized tracking employee attendance is necessary for various reasons.


Flexible time-tracking options

Inability to record employee hours in multiple ways, such as through an internet-connected computer, smartphone, tablet, time clock etc.

Mobile compatibility

Lack of compatibility with mobile devices so it can be accessible from anywhere.

Ease of use

Search for a system that's easy to use, has a clean interface and allows employee self-service.


Integration with the applications and software, such as HR and payroll programs, that you already use.

Leave Management

Inability of flexibility to create and manage leave policies online, track employee leaves, decide application workflows, and more.


Time consuming manual reports of all time office events like hours worked, late, permission, on duty, overtime, leave of an employee for date or month period.


That will simply empower your resources

Clocking In and Out

Allow employees to clock in and out to keep a record of their working hours along with attendance mark.

Capture project working hours

Reflect project working hours in a calendar and also captures start and end time with GPS location


Flexibility to review, edit and submit online for approval

Leave Management

Allow employee to apply, track, manage and report online on their leave across their calendar year. They can also view their attendance, leave balance etc.

Simple reports

Provide simple online reports which can select data to include such as division, department, employee name, leave year, leave status, dates etc.

Available in Cloud

All updates are installed automatically by vendor. Easy to use, access all data from anytime anywhere.