Are you handling inventory in the best way possible? Inventory management is imperative to your business success. Your order fulfillment objectives will be compromised if you don’t have enough raw materials in the warehouse. Insufficient stock level also means your factory and labor are underutilized; you’re incurring expense without actually producing anything.

Inventory management is not easy, unless you invest the time to develop an understanding of the factors that affect your inventory management decisions.


Lack of Knowing Your Inventory

Lack of insights and information about availability and pricing of items.

Inefficient Processes

Field engineers struggles to get correct data about stock on the field.

Poor service levels

poor service levels will negatively impact customer perception of your brand.

Inaccurate Purchase Orders

Manual entry updates leads a lot waste of time & inaccurate information

Difficulty in identifying demand patterns

Tracking and analyzing demand changes and trends help companies accurately forecast for future orders.

Low Product Turnover

Failure to track demand can lead to a lower than expected product turnover


That will simply empower your resources

See all of your inventory on one screen

Search any item easily

Select a product to see its pricing details

Simple user interfaces

Integrate with your existing inventory management system

Access it from anywhere using your smartphone