IT admins, help desk technicians, and support staff members are constantly bombarded with service requests. Without efficient ticket management software to assist in the creation, routing, and tracking of support requests, among other functions, support specialists can struggle to efficiently resolve requests and may regularly face challenges while ensuring the business engine is running smoothly. To avoid this stress you need to get organized, and build a ticket queue management process that allows you to properly prioritize support tickets and speed up response and resolution times and enhance customer satisfaction.


Organisations with a field sales force who interact with dealers, distributors & retailers have many challenges in managing people and getting visibility of sales & business process. Some of the challenges include-

Miscommunication can cause for submitting tickets with manual system

Without a centralized system for requests, tickets get lost in the fray.

Manual tracking procedures are inefficient

Without an automated ticketing system, IT staff must manually assign tasks based on expertise and track the status of the request in spreadsheets, which leads to lags in communication.

There’s no standard for ticket creation

Each time an IT support staff member creates a help ticket manually, he or she has to get unique information from the end-user.

Ticket resolution techniques create delays

Manually translating raw technical data into reports that make sense to management is time-consuming and hinders productivity.

Communications aren’t Streamlined

Without streamlined communications, time lags can affect both user experience and customer satisfaction.

Manual ticketing creates redundancies

Before closing out tickets, IT technicians must manually update the troubleshooting information to all tickets.


Feature list of Service/Ticket Management Mobile App

Create and assign ticket from anywhere, anytime

Take action on tickets and update status with ease

Escalate issue to top management if required

Capture images for tickets from anywhere

View all previous service history in mobile

100% secure data access from Cloud