Inefficiencies in your accounts receivable functions can dramatically impact your business.

Three problems that seem to be the most common are short-pays, payment beyond terms and companies failing to pay because of economic difficulties. All three can become significant difficulties in a very short time.

The longer an account goes outstanding, the lower your success rate of collecting on the funds. In both scenarios - collecting the money late or not at all - it is going to restrict your cash flow for expenditures.


Difficulty in matching payments to invoices

Constantly having to resend copies of invoices

Fielding many customer inquiries about invoices

Receiving late payments and rising Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Reduce bad debt Write-offs

Reducing Risk of Bad Payments


That will simply empower your resources

Determining the customer’s credit rating in advance

Frequently scanning and monitoring customers for credit risks

Maintaining customer relations

Integrate with your existing ERP or accounting solution

Reduce total balance outstanding (DSO)

Prevent any debt in receivable outstanding